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Ship 139 Web site

Welcome to my site. This site is designed for ship 139 to show who they are and where they are, plus all the rest of that good stuff. I hope you enjoy.

 Listing of officers on this ship.

 Pictures of our ship's crew.

 More Information on the ship.

 Information on how to join us.


 The 5 "W's"

Who: A group of African - American male Sea Explorers of ages 14 - 16 that come mainly from St. Martin De Porres R.C. Church and western New York.

What:Sea Explorer Ship 139

Where: Our ship is in Buffalo, New York. Our two boats; the J - Bea and the QE - 22 are stationed at Erie Basin Marina and The Small Boat Harbor. Our ship's council is in Greater Niagara Frontier Council.

When: In the summer we go on a sail on Mondays and Fridays of every week. We also have a Swim day every Wednesday.

Why: This is the easiest question to answer of them all: simply because we love what we do and it's fun.



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